The Top Three Vegan Wallets

When I began looking at the items I used daily and realizing that I had changed my diet to avoid animal cruelty, but I hadn’t changed my lifestyle. Everywhere I looked, leather boots, leather belt, wool sweater, down comforter, soap made out of goats milk, honey in my chap stick… the list went on and on. Items I wore regularly, things I used every morning, the chap stick I put in my pocket every time I left the house. I hadn’t paid attention to all the different ways animals are exploited for so much more than just food.

I had to start making some changes. For the sake of the animals, the environment, and for myself. So I started small. What was one thing I used every day that I could easily swap out with something just as functional, but did not harm animals in the making?

My wallet!

I am not a huge, fancy-schmancy, expensive wallet carrier. But I do enjoy a nice sturdy wallet that will keep my personal items orderly and safe, while looking kind of cool doing it. At the time, I was carrying a brown leather bifold wallet and it had to go. When I started searching Google for the best vegan wallets, I was pleasantly surprised at how many options there were out there! Besides the velcro Batman wallet selection, that is.

The great thing about my research was that I found out there were so many people out there like me, looking for alternatives that do not involve exploiting animals. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruelty-free ways to create a product that we humans carry with is everywhere. I was overjoyed with how many options there were.

I would like to share my three favorites with you. The reason I chose these three was not only because they were a vegan option, but I also appreciate the mission of the companies behind them. Have a look, these company make men’s vegan wallets, women’s vegan wallets, unisex vegan wallets, vegan leather journals, vegan belts, messenger bags, and other great eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan accessories.


Corkor is a company that hand makes leather alternative products like wallets, belts, bags, backpacks and many other things out of cork! The look and feel of their product is amazing. They are a company that is People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) certified and Forest Stewardshop Council (FSC) certified. PETA we are all probably familiar with, but FSC was new to me.  So after some research I found that this certification is the “gold standard” for responsibly harvesting wood. Corkor gets their cork material by removing the bark from the trees without harming the tree.

This is super cool stuff and the team at Corkor are all talented and compassionate people. Check out their website to see some of these awesome products.

Here are a few of my favorite Corkor wallets:

Tree Tribe

If you thought cork was cool, you should see Tree Tribe’s wallets made out of teak leaves! Tree Tribe sustainably harvests fallen teak leaves to make their beautiful products. Tree Tribe is committed to creating an eco-friendly and cruelty-free product and they plant 10 trees with each sale! I am a big fan of these wallets and they just look so cool. Check out Tree Tribe’s website and watch their short informational video about what they do. Tree Tribe not only makes vegan wallets, they also create bags, hats, journals and clothing.

Here are my favorite Tree Tribe wallets:

Alchemy Goods

This is the wallet I am currently carrying around, an Alchemy Goods upcycled bicycle tire wallet. These are so fun and a great way to reuse a material that would otherwise end up in the landfill. The folks at Alchemy Goods have partnered with bike shops and businesses around the United States to gather used bike tires and advertising banners. They then use this material to create their unique wallets, belts, and bags. My bifold-bicycle tire wallet has lasted over a year and a half and is still going strong.

Check out some of these awesome Alchemy Goods wallets:

Start Anywhere

Choosing to live a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to change everything overnight. It simply may mean you want to make a change, small or large. Even just one change a day or week from an animal product to a cruelty-free product will make a huge impact. There is no right or wrong way to start. For me, it was the wallet. Starting with something as simple as that helped me on this journey. Hopefully you saw something you liked, or at lease just learned that there are awesome people out here making durable daily use items, like wallets, out of cork and leaves!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your wonderful vegan journey!

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